Landscape company in Leawood KS will help turn your lawn into a healthy, well-structured landscape making you proud. At Ginter’s Lawn and Landscape we understand how important the appearance of your property can be for the value of your home and business. Additionally, when landscaping is left without attention, it’s possible to experience some safety issues. Even year-round, you want to be sure family members or clients have smooth, even and clear spaces for walking and playing. You want to present the best looking landscape year-round, therefore, we work hard to put the needs of each client as top priority.  landscape company in Leawood KS

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With many businesses offering landscape services in Leawood KS it might be confusing to make the best selection. But as you’ll learn here, Ginter’s Lawn and Landscape stands out as very professional. Both in customer service and quality of landscape services, Ginter’s goes above and beyond for every client whether residential or commercial. With individualized services available, Ginter’s will customize their work to match each client’s wants and needs. 

Here are some of the professional services that Ginter’s offers:

Landscaping – Sod Installation and mulching

Since your exterior spaces around your home and office influence the value of your property, you’ll want to consider making them appealing. Whether this involves adding to the amount of vegetation at your property or simply improving the quality of the existing landscape, Ginter’s can help. It’s important to develop an overall plan for the space and incorporate the appropriate lawn grasses and plants. Once installation is complete, adding mulch will assist with improvement of the water usage to help save money on utilities. Mulch will also aid the plantings with temperature moisture control. 

Perhaps you have a new construction project that requires new grass in the form of seeding or sod, or you need to update and improve the current landscaping. All of this planning and physical implementation takes time as well as knowledge. As a client, with our professional assistance, you choose what you want and Ginter’s will do the work to provide a fresh, new look. Make your landscaping vision a reality!

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Services available for lawn care include:

  • Fall/Spring Clean Up – Do you need extra attention to some neglected areas?
  • Weed Control – Have you all of a sudden seen more weeds than normal?
  • Weekly Lawn Maintenance – Is your landscape ready for consistent care?
  • Lawn Pest Control – Are there insects that are bugging you?
  • Aeration – Do your thin grass areas need a jumpstart to help them thicken up?

Leave these time-consuming details to the professionals, since you have your own business to run and a busy life to fulfill. Additionally, most people may not own the necessary equipment to maintain their lawn properly. 

Do you wish to have your lawn looking incredibly better than its current condition? 

A professional lawn care service will offer top-of-the-line services and products at an affordable price. Plus, they have all the right equipment!

Icy Parking and Walkways? Snow Removal Services can help

When the weather is icy and cold with the snow building up, don’t feel stuck! Plan ahead to enlist professional services to keep your driveway, sidewalks and parking areas clear of ice and snow. In Leawood KS, the weather can change rapidly so you need to prepare before that happens. Here are some winter services from Ginter’s Lawn and Landscape that can make life much safer and easier when the weather turns icy:

  • Snow Hauling
  • Snow Plowing
  • Ice Control

Custom lawn care and landscape company in Leawood KS 

We will customize our services to meet your needs at a price you like. You’ll find our pricing is comparable, while our customer service stands out above the rest! Whether you’re looking for a new landscaping scheme or to gain control over your existing lawn, Ginter’s can help right away. 

Looking for knowledgeable and professional lawn care?

A Top-Notch Landscape company in Leawood KS 

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