Complete Parking Lot Snow Removal Services

Winter has its perks that makes it a unique time of the year as it comes with a peculiar brand of fun that almost everyone enjoys. However, the challenges caused by the snow it brings can appear daunting at times. Granted, snow is beautiful and welcome but when all of Lee’s Summit or Belton roads and access ways are blocked by heaps of it, then it turns to an unwelcome development.

Fortunately, we are a commercial snow removal company who specializes in the removal and clearing away of snow from form roads and access ways to make life a bit easier to live during the winter period. It is very common to see 20 or more inches of snow during a typical winter in the Lee’s Summit, Belton, Raymore, and Overland Park areas. This level of snow when it comes with a sub-zero freezing temperature means the best option for the day is to stay in-doors.

With the roads blocked and the temperature at that level, attempting any individual or communal snow removal activities could be hazardous. This is where commercial snow removal companies excel in their trade. They have the personnel, training and equipment to shovel the snow and make the environment a bit more inhabitable for living.

Ginter’s Lawn and Landscape specializes in offering commercial snow removal solutions for lots, parks, lawns and roads. Employing the latest state-of-the-art equipment and technology with a professional team of experts, adequate measures are taken before and after a snow storm to keep your environs as safe as possible. We are a snow removal company in the Lee’s Summit area and offer 24 hour services.

For this, our focus is to remove or plow away as much snow as possible from roads and other access ways usually very early in the morning so that business owners and other road users will fare better while on transit. This also allows the smooth flow of business later on in the day as we work quickly and efficiently as early as possible to prevent any disruption from your activities. Two of our largest focus areas are commercial snow removal in Lee’s Summit Mo and commercial snow removal in Belton Mo.  We also provide parking plowing and salting in Raymore Mo
We offer snow hauling services after plowing away the snow; it has to go somewhere so our team ensures this service comes next if necessary to reduce the chances of obstruction from the plowed snow.
Do you have blocks of ice and snow on your property after a snow storm and need help with deicing? We offer the deicing and melting services where we apply quality deicing treatments with salt to restore your property without having to worry about insurance or damage.

After plowing, parking lots and drive lanes, we offer additional ice control services against the reformation of ice patches even if there are reports of incoming storms. Our professional snow removal team ensures all entrances and parking lots are safe and commutable before or after each storm session by using quality salt for ice control. With you have ice on your sidewalks or ice on your parking lots, we can manage any size of area. With you are looking or a snow removal company in Belton Missouri or a plowing company in Lees summit Missouri, we can be your first call. (816) 388-0025

Commercial snow removal requires more than just plowing, packing and removal of snow. At Ginter’s, we monitor and follow up on weather reports like any quality commercial snow removal service should. Staying ahead of pending snow storms gives us a major advantage in anticipating and dealing with issues as the come up.

With this practice, we can easily dispatch a crew of our well-trained experts to any location around Lee’s Summit, Belton, Raymore and Overland Park areas when there is a request for our services. We are available 24/7 to handle your requests as there is no shortage of manpower.

With detailed weather reports, we stay up-to-date on the weather conditions that lead to melting, refreezing of already serviced areas.  We have a wide range of the latest snow removal equipment including heavy machinery which gives us the liberty to handle massive amounts of snow quickly and effectively with little disruption to neighborhood activities as we usually handle our tasks early in the mornings or late at night.

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Residential Snow removal

We offer residential snow removal for Lee’s Summit, Raymore, and Belton home owners. All Residential snow removal is done after the storm has been finished and we have cleared all commercial properties. We try to complete Residential driveways at a reasonable time but timing depends on when the storm finishes. If you are a resident looking for snow removal in Belton, Lee’s summit, or Raymore, you can fill out the contact us now form below.