Clients often fertilize and over seed year round but may not see the results they are trying to achieve. Throughout time the soil in your yard will become compacted from mowing each week and children or dogs playing on the yard, which will make it difficult for your yard to stay healthy. If the property has several trees around your property, fallen leaves will mulch up and further cause your soil to be compacted.

Aeration is needed by grasses for optimal growth. Aerating allows oxygen and nutrients to permeate the soil which can then be easily absorbed by the grasses. It facilitates the interaction between the air and the soil in exchange of nutrients and other essential elements.

A well-aerated soil allows fertilizers and other feeds to penetrate the soil easier and reduces soil compaction which is detrimental to healthy grass roots.

To aerate your soil properly, timing is key and the best time to aerate the soil is during fall. Aerate the soil first then apply fertilizers, pesticides and feeds which can easily permeate the soil better through the soil openings.

Applying the above listed practices routinely will go a long way to turn your lawn into a healthy and well-structured landscape which will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride. Don’t wait. If you are thinking about revamping your front yard and lawn with minimal stress, schedule an appointment with us. You will be amazed what we can do with weekly lawn maintenance!

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Over Seeding

Reseeding is usually needed when grasses on your lawn dry out from too much exposure to the elements. The grasses may grow in bunches or have thick, ugly blades instead of being light and leafy.

During summer, it’s usually common to see bare spots in lawns where the grasses have thinned out due to the scorching heat from the sun. There are grass varieties which survive heat and drought better and even spread out more evenly. These are the varieties that could be introduced to reseed the lawn and have it looking green and healthy irrespective of the weather condition or heat.

It’s always better to reseed lawns during autumn or early spring when the environmental and weather conditions are most suitable for the growth of the lawn. Our landscaping services employs a lot of reseeding techniques. In addition, seeding will leave you with a lush lawn that chokes off crab grass.